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4 Free & Effective Graphic Design Tools for Beginners


It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to produce great work as a graphic designer. There are many graphic design tools out there that help boost your content media quality for free. You can achieve effective graphic design with the help of editing sites, and a good base of design and software knowledge. I’ve taken a couple graphic design classes, but there is a lot of learning you have to take into your own hands if you want to succeed as a graphic designer. Working with easy-to-use tools is one way to help you ease your way into design.

With that being said, here are 4 effective graphic design tools you should utilize as a beginner:


1. Canva


If you need help designing social media content for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on, Canva is the tool to use. With social media marketing on the rise, valuable content is crucial to your company’s social pages. Canva is very easy to use and intutive for beginners, and implementing Canva is a great way to spice up an image and add appeal to your social media posts, without paying the price for software.


2. Pixlr

Pixlr is great for turning an amatuer picture into a professional one—utilize different effects and layers to alter your images for the right look. Image editors are becoming increasingly important; marketing content images are 94% more likely to be viewed than content without (according to HubSpot), so editors like Pixlr are an easy way to boost your views and potential leads.


3. Udacity

If you subscribe to the Udacity course it can get pricey, but you can take the beginner’s course for free. This course is rated in the top 3 best graphic design tutorials. It’s a very in-depth course that is about 12 hours long and goes deep into commonly used graphic design skills. There are tons of helpful beginner videos and exercises that will give you hands-on experience.


4. Noupe

Fibonacci_Spiral.pngThe tools above are platforms to use with your design, and will help you build the skills needed to execute your design. However, one of the most important things you will need to know as a graphic designer is composition. Noupe is a great site that teaches you the basics of composition, like the rule of thirds, focal points, grid theory, proximity and more. The more you know about these topics, the easier it will be to lay out an ebook, business card, ad, etc.

The most effective way to improve your graphic design skills as a beginner is to practice! Try to land freelance opportunities in order to gain experience. Experienced designs can cost a lot of money, so offering your services for less, or for free can land you great gigs and build your portfolio. Doing work for clients at a beginner’s level will teach you what it’s like to have design guidelines, and will familiarize you with your design software too. It’s a win-win!

What tools do you use to design projects? Let me know in the comments below! Are you looking for graphic design assistance? Contact Milwaukee marketing agency, Accelity Marketing.

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