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4 Productivity Tips for Overwhelmed Marketing Managers


Let’s face it—it’s easy to get overwhelmed and stressed out, especially when you run a company. As any business owner knows, starting a company often means that you wear multiple hats and handle many tasks. From hiring the right people to setting up and managing various social media platforms to overseeing the actual operations of the company, it can be difficult to juggle so many different aspects of the business.

One of the areas that managers become most frustrated with is marketing. Marketing is absolutely imperative to the overall success of your company, but because there are so many different intricacies to keep in mind within this arena, it can be easy to lose your way. Oftentimes productivity levels take a major hit when managers are tasked with doing, well, everything.

However, productivity is absolutely critical to the overall performance of a business and its marketing strategy. In order to grow and succeed, you need to delegate tasks and stay on top of absolutely every aspect of your business—both big and small. While everyone has a different way of doing things, we’ve compiled a list of a few productivity tips we think everyone, especially overwhelmed managers, could benefit from:



Make lists.

When it comes to being productive and marketing, it’s all about how focused you are. Many managers will tell you that the times when productivity levels are the highest are when both managers and teams are focused. The best way to stay on task and focused? Make lists.

Lists are a wonderful tool that many take for granted and don’t utilize to the best of their ability. By taking the time to make lists, both at the start and finish of the day, you have a better chance of remaining on track and meeting your productivity goals day in and day out.

Here’s a tip: Use an online task management tool, like Todoist. Tools like help you:

  • Create lists
  • Collaborate with others involved in your tasks
  • Pull tasks from multiple online tools into one place


Try not to multitask.

Sure, many people think they are great multitaskers, but taking on several different tasks all at once actually makes you lose focus. This is why it is important to learn how to delegate tasks to your team. At the start of each day, make a list (point #1) and decide which task is most important. At this point you can assign other tasks to your employees, or save them for another day. By giving your undivided attention to one thing at a time, you are sure to produce a higher quality of work and actually get things done.


Don’t be afraid to outsource.

Going along with the above point, overwhelmed managers shouldn't be afraid to outsource certain tasks. Outsourcing certain services, such as marketing, is a wonderful way to free up time and ensure that your focus is on tasks that are within your expertise. Being a productive manager means learning when to ask for help, which can be a difficult thing to learn, to say the least. How do you know that it is the right time for you to outsource? Find out here.


Desk_of_a_marketer.jpgPractice time management.

One of the biggest mistakes marketing managers make is wasting their time on unnecessary tasks. In order to keep from getting overwhelmed, a marketing manager needs to practice strong time management. In addition to ensuring things are actually getting done on time, learning the best way to manage time will also create consistency in the workplace, which will increase your overall productivity.


I hope these productivity tips for marketing managers have given you a better idea of how to stay focused and grow your business. Starting a company from the ground up requires dedication, passion and the ability to know when to ask for help. If you’re looking to streamline your marketing efforts, contact Milwaukee marketing agency, Accelity Marketing.


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