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4 Ways to Increase Productivity as Summer Winds Down


As summer draws to a close, it can be tough to stay productive. It’s no wonder—we all want to soak up as much summer sun as possible before the seasons change. This is especially true for those of us in climates like the one we have here in Wisconsin, where Accelity is headquartered. The looming, long, frigid winter months make anyone yearn for just a bit more summer fun. So how do you increase productivity when you’re dreaming of the beach?


Mix up your scenery.

You can enjoy the outdoors while working. Why not spend an hour or two a day with your laptop at a local coffee shop, enjoying some fresh air? Perhaps you can start your day with coffee and some time working on the patio, before heading into the office.

The best way to increase productivity using this strategy is to make a concrete list of the things you want to accomplish while you are there. For instance, you may choose three tasks you want to check off your list. When those are done, head over to the office.

Increase productivity by working outside


Get away on your lunch.

Research shows that only 1 in 5 Americans takes a lunch break at work, while taking a lunch break can stimulate creativity and actually increase productivity by giving your brain a break. So instead of working through lunch, take an hour to enjoy the outdoors. Eat lunch on a patio. Go for a walk or jog. Read a book in a nearby park.

Plan lunchtime activities as you would your meetings, and stick to them. The rest of your day will be more productive, and you won’t stare out the window all day wishing you were outside.

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Commit to work-life balance.

In today’s hyper-connected society, it’s hard to step away from work. It’s now commonplace for workers to bring laptops home every night and weekend, and constantly check emails on their phone or be “on call.” This isn’t healthy, and actually hurts productivity. Why? Working crazy hours and never stepping away leads to stress and burnout, which hinders productivity. When you work a reasonable schedule and then step away, your productivity improves.

Committing to work-life balance will help you enjoy the last days of summer as well. If you unplug when you’re not at the office (at least most of the time!), you can actually enjoy those summer nights and weekends before the leaves start to change color.


Suggest outdoor meetings.


If you have regular meetings with internal staff, consider moving them outside. Conduct a weekly team meeting at a local coffee shop (or even happy hour location). A short one-on-one check-in could be accomplished as a walking meeting, allowing you both to go outside and get a little exercise. Look for opportunities to get creative with your colleagues and office space.

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