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5 Content Marketing Strategies to Adopt During the Pandemic

Marketers have been struggling to create a strong and adaptable content marketing strategy during the coronavirus pandemic for months. You don’t want to seem insensitive, but you also want to be able to create content that results in more customers. 

The content marketing strategies below will not only help you create amazing content, but they may also be the answer to your problems. Here are 5 content marketing strategies to adopt during the pandemic:

1. Be mindful

With all that’s going on, leaders simply do not have time to waste on any aspect of the business. Gone are the days where marketers can send emails or materials with little to no purpose—even before the pandemic. Your audience’s time is important now more than ever, so your messaging needs to be specific. It should also be sensitive to the current situation. If you simply dismiss the crisis, buyers will dismiss you. There have been businesses that have gained long-lasting respect from customers, while others have lost all their credibility.


2. Create visual promotions

Studies have shown that people can remember 65% of all visual content they see. That’s no surprise either. When is the last time you referred to an email someone sent you in regards to marketing? It’s probably been a while. Now think, when is the last time you referenced a commercial, TikTok video or any other type of visual marketing piece?  Visual marketing is the new wave. Giving people something to refer back to visually will leave a lasting imprint of their minds. Wow your customers with your content, instead of boring them.


3. Create coronavirus-specific material

I’m sure your company has adapted to the new changes coronavirus has brought. Whether you develop blogs, infographics, videos, etc., create them with a spin on coronavirus. At Accelity, we’ve created a series of coronavirus-related content like this one: 4 Quick Marketing Wins During COVID-19. This blog is not only an example of a resource you can provide during the pandemic, but also evergreen content that the audience will continue to find useful for years to come. If you start building a long list of coronavirus-related resources, create a  resource page that houses all of your material together.


4. Use live video

Live video has never been stronger. In fact, after all this is over, I see it being a mainstay in most companies. If you can effectively communicate with your buyers over live video, why wouldn’t you? It gives customers a more direct reach to you. Companies have been doing this over Instagram Live, where they can hold a product launch or provide demos. The possibilities are endless. Adopting this strategy will help put a face to the brand and gives your customers a more interactive experience. 

Here are some examples of how you can incorporate live video for your business.

  • Make a video on one of your new products. You can go over features and specifications of the product.
  • Go live on Instagram to have a Q&A with customers. Invite followers to ask you questions and answer them live. There’s no better way to create a connection with them.
  • Conduct an interview. Invite an industry expert or a happy customer to join and discuss a topic relevant to your audience. 


5. Create free resources

That’s right I said free. Offer real value now, and generate sales later. If you have a recorded training session, offer that to your prospects for free. It’s not only going to help their business now, but will also leave you in good standing for the future. The number one rule of content marketing is to offer value first; if you aren’t people will likely pass you over for those who are.

These aren’t all the content marketing strategies that you can adopt, but this list will give you a good start. Remember, the number one rule of content marketing is to provide value. The 5 tips above will not only provide value now, but will also help you provide value in the future.

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