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5 Essential Factors to Designing an Effective Email Campaign


Capturing the attention of an email recipient In our fast-paced world is difficult—but you can make it easier. By designing an eye-catching, effective email campaign, you can not only keep existing clients engaged, but also capture the attention of potential clients along the way. Here’s how:


1. Use a simple layout, or free templates.

The root of email campaign success is simplicity. Many campaign building sites like MailChimp provide basic templates for use—and you should use them! These templates not only simplify the creation of your email campaigns, but keep everything consistent once you do solidify a campaign design. Keep the design relative to the amount of content—if the copy is short, keep the imagery to one photo or graphic.



2. Implement appropriate fonts and font sizes.

Design can get bogged down when copy is too large and distracting, or too small and challenging to read. Keep your copy to the standard sizes of 20-22pt for headers and 11-12pt for body copy. These standards will keep your content consistent, will prevent readers from feeling overwhelmed, and increases the chance that they will read your email in its entirety!


3. BreaEffective_email_marketing.pngk up large blocks of text with imagery, but not too much.

Breaking up is hard to do—except when it comes to copy. Keep your paragraphs short and separate by incorporating graphics and imagery relevant to your content. Try small icons in combination with full-color images. Alternatively, use graphics as visual transitions between your content, ultimately moving the user’s eye down the page. The more you can get them to read what you are up to, or the resources your company is offering, the more engaged they become with your content—increasing downloads, subscriptions and newsletter sign-ups.

4. Design CTAs to be clicked.

Calls-to-action, or CTAs, are the direct line of engagement between users and your content. Create eye-catching CTAs that are at least 50x50 px to ensure clickability with purpose.

Place CTAs following important copy and near corresponding imagery to convey a need, followed by your provided solution. CTAs can also be incorporated into large banner imagery at the top, middle or bottom of a page to promote content in a bolder way.


5. Use responsive design.

In our modern age, everything should be responsive. You never know if your users are viewing your emails on their desktop computers, laptops, tablets or more commonly, their phones. Keep your content compact so it can easily adjust to screens of all sizes. Using those free responsive templates can also help with this!

Finally, when you’ve compiled, designed and sent out a few different email campaigns, be sure to see what works best for your business. Compile the most successful elements of each previous email and utilize them to create the ultimate effective email campaign for your brand.

What email campaign styles have been effective for your brand? Let us know what you find most eye-catching in your inbox! 

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