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5 HubSpot Tools You Should Be Using (If You Aren’t Already)

HubSpot is a powerhouse, all-in-one marketing platform. More than 73,400 customers in 120+ countries are growing their businesses with HubSpot’s award-winning inbound marketing tools - including Accelity!

HubSpot has so many capabilities it can be overwhelming, even for experienced inbound marketers. Plus, the HubSpot team is constantly working to improve their tools. I’m learning new things about their SaaS system every day that help me to better support our clients. 

If you’re just getting started using HubSpot for your business, here are my 5 favorite tools:

1. Personalization tokens

Personalized content can help your content stand out from the marketing noise. Personalization tokens help you make an otherwise generic message seem personal and direct. This is key for creating effective and impactful content, attracting your reader’s attention and sending a more personal message to your recipient. 

You can use personalization tokens in all of your content, including emails, templates, landing pages and thank you pages to auto populate with your target’s corresponding property value. For example, you can ensure you email includes the recipient’s first name and email to make it seem personalized. 

Learn how to add personalization tokens to your content here.

2. Lead flows

HubSpot has a neat feature that allows you to create pop-up forms, or lead flows, to place on various pages of your choosing. Nurture your leads through their buyer’s journey by providing relevant and valuable content and prompting them to take an action. Lead flows prompt contacts to subscribe to your newsletter, or promote a blog or new offer, making them an important tool to your campaign strategy.

Pro tip: Don’t make your pop-ups too spammy. Ask yourself, “Would I click on this?” or, “If I were a website visitor, would I think this is valuable content?”

Get started creating your lead flow.

3. Smart content

Say your business has two different target audiences. You wouldn’t want to show them the exact same content, would you? Some information will be more relevant to one audience than the other.

Smart content is the secret sauce to hypertargeting your audience with your marketing efforts. Fortunately, HubSpot offers marketers the opportunity to show different versions of your content based on who is viewing it! 

There are six criteria you can use to customize your smart content: 

  • Country
  • Device type
  • Referral source
  • Preferred language
  • Contact list membership
  • Lifecycle stage 

What’s more? You can make just about anything that you would like smart! In HubSpot you can test hypertargeting with emails, website pages, landing pages, and templates, CTAs, forms and more..

Are you ready to get smart?

4. Analytics reports

It’s as the age old phrase goes: work smarter, not harder. Find out what works well, and what doesn’t. 

Use HubSpot ‘s analytics tool to assess the performance of your marketing efforts. Which blogs are getting the most page views? Which CTAs are earning the most clicks? Which source is referring the most contacts? Follow the trend and focus your efforts on the areas showing value. 

HubSpot’s analytics tool” has metrics for: 

  • Sales reports
  • Traffic
  • Website
  • Campaign
  • Contact
  • Sales team productivity
  • Marketing emails
  • Sales content
  • Forms

Start measuring your marketing successes now.

5. Meetings tool

Another nifty feature popular with Accelity? The meetings tool. With a growing company, and a lot of client and prospect meetings, organizing a calendar can be a hassle with all the back and forth. The meetings link tool solves this issue! 

The meetings tool syncs to your calendar and auto populates with times you’re available. There are three types of meeting links you can create:

  1. Individual calendar: You have the ability to block off certain times of the day when prospects can schedule a meeting with you, and to set the duration(s) of the meeting (i.e. 15 min, 30 min, 60 min).
  2. Group meetings: Connect two or more calendars so that prospects can book a time with more than one person on your team
  3. Round robin: Don’t have a designated sales person? No problem. A round robin meeting link lets a prospect book a meeting with an employee whose availability fits best with theirs.

Create your meeting link here.

There are many more HubSpot tools you can be taking advantage of beyond the 5 mentioned above. Want to learn more? Stay up to date on the latest HubSpot and inbound marketing trends, by brushing up on your certifications through HubSpot Academy, watching for HubSpot product updates, and exploring free resources and tools for additional helpful content. You’ll be surprised at how much you can grow your inbound marketing strategy with HubSpot tools!

Generate more leads than ever!