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5 of Our Favorite Social Media Profiles and Why They're So Damn Good


Having a strong social media profile is crucial to standing out. But what makes a great social media profile? It could be the frequency of posts or the quality of content you are promoting, or it could be having a devoted fan base that loves following your page. There’s a myriad of ways your social media profile could stick out.

Taking a look at some of the best social media profiles from top companies and people can enlighten you as to what you need to do to have a successful social profile. However, with all the information out there it can be difficult to decipher the good from the bad. Don’t worry, we took a hard look at 5 of our favorite social media profiles, and below we share why we think they stand out.

 Social Profiles Checklist

1. Kimberly Reynolds

Kimberly is fantastic about discussing how to advertise/promote across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. She hosts a weekly webinar series featuring Facebook tips that help you target your audience better. Kimberly can be a bit niche for other marketing agencies as she focuses mainly on social media strategy, but her knowledge is actionable and gets results. Although many vloggers and social media gurus use video, Kimberly’s use of video is what makes her stand out because she makes them engaging and comes off as authentic and relatable.

Kimberly Reynolds


2. Jeff Bullas

Voted the #1 content marketing influencer by a number of companies, Jeff proves time and time again why he is a master of his craft. With his highly influential posts across all platforms, Jeff gives his followers a myriad of content to enhance their personal or company’s brand on the web (usually at the low fee of free). I find his Twitter presence the most useful, but there’s no reason to shy away from the amount of content he offers up on his other social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. With tips to optimize your site for local search on mobile, and content on how to up your sales team’s game, Jeff Bullas is a must follow across all platforms.

Jeff Bullas


3. Hootsuite

This social media automation site has a fantastic presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Hootsuite promotes various ways to boost your social media presence, from fundraising, free webinars/training, improving your organic reach and more. But they don’t stop at social media—Hootsuite also provides tips and tricks to improve SEO, work/life balance and creating phenomenal content for your site. Hootsuite posts up to 10 posts a day and is a great resource to have at the touch of your fingers. Not to mention, most of their posts are a real hoot (Not sorry about the pun.).

Hootsuite Twitter


4. Jay Baer

If you remotely follow marketers and bloggers you’ve probably come across Jay Baer. Founder of ConvinceAndConvert.com, Jay is something of a legend when it comes to content marketing. He’s also an expert in social media marketing, email and messaging, and website/digital reputation. His Twitter page is chocked full of interesting tidbits about content marketing trends, actionable blogs and infinitely useful advice for marketers. And to top it all off, he’s also a pretty snazzy dresser. You will only benefit from using the information Jay offers up. Why not go check him out?

Jay Baer


5. Wendy’s

Never in a million years did you think you’d see WENDY’S make this list, did you? Here’s the thing— yes, you can use social media as a tool. Yes, you can make sure that your presence is professional. Yes, you promote your company through great content offerings. But there is something to be said about a fast food company that has 2.5 million followers because of their witty and downright hysterical posts. The way they banter with other fast food competition (Google Wendy’s clapbacks), their enjoyable product promotion and giveaways, and their community outreach, make them the class clown in the most endearing way possible. They found their target market and aren’t afraid to take themselves too seriously... all of a sudden I have a hankering for a Baconator.

Wendy's Twitter


These 5 social profiles may not be the best of the best on social platforms, but they are damn good at what they’re doing. With great power comes great responsibility, and these profiles are doing everything within their power to show us how to be as great of a success with them.


That’s that! With all these new resources to add to your ever-expanding social toolbox be sure to download our social media checklist! Have any other great social profiles? Let me know in the comments below!