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6 Social Media Platforms Your Business Should be Using, but Probably Isn't


Many businesses use Facebook and Twitter to connect with customers and improve their visibility online. However, it's possible they're overlooking other popular platforms. Are there any social media tools your business isn't using, but should be?

The following six sites each offer your business unique opportunities to shine. They give you different ways to reach people, showcase your personality and expertise and highlight your products and services. When used well, they give people a memorable impression of your company and your brand.


1. Instagram

Display beautiful photos of your products or techngology. Give customers a behind-the-scenes look at your business and a better feel for your local community. Encourage customers to show the ways they're using your products and services. For example, a recent article from Business 2 Community suggests that restaurants use Instagram to give people a tour of the menu, introduce them to the chefs and hold a contest involving customer photos. Instagram can really help show the human side of your business.


2. Tumblr

If you're hoping to attract younger people to your business, this blogging platform can help; 2015 data from the Pew Research Center shows that 20% of Internet users between the ages of 18-29 use Tumblr. The site hosts a variety of sub-communities centered on different interests. Formats for posts include text, photos, quotes and videos. You can also participate actively by re-blogging other content. Share posts about topics and issues relevant to your business.




3. YouTube

Videos are becoming critical for marketing. Survey data reported in Small Business Trends shows that a majority of professional marketers and small and medium-sized business owners intend to increase their investment in video marketing in the coming year. YouTube is the most popular video platform. Developing a following on your channel, and connecting with influential YouTubers, is a great way to promote your business. There are possibilities for all kinds of videos, including how-to guides, interviews, behind-the-scene glimpses, sneak peeks, product demonstrations and mini-documentaries. You can embed your videos on your business website and share them on other platforms.


4. Google+

Posting content to Google+ can improve your performance in Google search results. Build a page for your business and share relevant content, including posts from your business blog or articles you've written for other sites. You can also connect with Google+ communities centered around interests that are relevant to your business. Although Google+ tends to get downplayed compared to Facebook, using the site gives you potential SEO benefits and can increase your business's visibility and credibility.


5. Quora

This is a popular question-and-answer platform. Posting high-quality answers for questions in your business industry demonstrates your expertise and contributes to your business's reputation as a trustworthy resource. You can also judiciously post links back to informative pages on your site. Your Quora profile becomes another way to subtly promote your business and associate it with helpfulness and quality information.


6. LinkedIn

Create a page for your company on LinkedIn. The professional networking site potentially opens up many opportunities for you. Form important contacts for your business, increase the visibility of your employees, showcase examples of your work, receive endorsements and recommendations and share content that enhances your reputation. Using the site can become an enriching opportunity, helping you connect with potential customers, business partners and high-quality future employees who may play an important role in developing your business.


The way you use these sites largely depends on the kind of business you run and on how you want to present yourself online. You may choose to place more emphasis on some sites over others. However, all of these platforms are worth looking into. It's possible to make good use of all of them, helping you build a coherent and memorable online presence for your business.

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