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Bird Watching in Brew City: Meet Nate!

Nate Panetti

At Accelity, we believe the culture we build internally directly impacts the quality of work we create for our clients. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of kick-SaaS B2B marketers who are not only pros at their jobs but also a whole lotta fun. 

We invite you to get to know our talented team members so you can see what we’re all about. Come meet our Graphic Designer, Nate Panetti!

What 3 words describe Accelity to you?

Rewarding, dedicated and transparent. 

Accelity is rewarding because of the tremendous internal support you receive from everyone you work with. The company is also very dedicated to its employees and clients by ensuring everyone’s happiness. Accelity is very transparent when it comes to letting employees and clients know budgets not only financially but from a time tracking perspective as well.

What do you like most about working at Accelity?

Accelity has the most organization I’ve ever experienced in a position. It comes into play with project management, scheduling and tracking time for working on specific client projects, and when locating the resources we use as a company. 

Accelity truly cares about its employees and the clients we are producing work for. When it comes to creating content, I’ve always had a mindset that it is important for the client to be delighted with what they receive. Having Accelity agree with that initiative while also treating the satisfaction of employees as equally important, has really opened my eyes. I haven’t experienced this type of care and dedication before at a company, so this experience has been extremely rewarding and refreshing.

Who would you switch places with for one day?

More than likely Frank Ocean. Just so I could dig through his computer and find all of the amazing music he has been hiding from the public. Sure, I could’ve said Jeff Bezos in order to use all of his money to stop world hunger—but that’s too reasonable for me.

What’s your secret talent?

I’ve become pretty good at hearing local bird calls and being able to identify what species of bird they are. I can be a little off with this if the bird is more unusual for the area.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

For TV shows, I would probably say 90 Day Fiancé. JUDGE ME ALL YOU WANT, but that show is very entertaining to me. As for music, the various High School Musical soundtracks can sometimes get put into my rotations.

Where is your favorite spot in Milwaukee?

Humboldt Park is by far my favorite place to go. This might be due to how close I live, but birdwatching is always really great and so is the dog watching. Also, there are constant events taking place there like Chill on the Hill, and there is even a beer garden that is in the middle of the park.

What is the most memorable thing about Milwaukee to you?

I love Milwaukee because everyone here is relatable and understanding. Hate the winter but you choose to live here anyway? So does everyone else in Milwaukee! Were you supposed to meet some friends at an event but you were 20 minutes late due to watching the end of the seemingly longest Brewers game yet? Everyone will be sympathetic!


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