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How Can I Drive More B2B SaaS Leads with Advertising on LinkedIn?


LinkedIn is touted as the go-to business social media platform, and for good reason. When it comes to delivering content and securing audience engagement, LinkedIn is the most effective social media platform. With more than 450 million users, it’s easy to see why marketers and prospects alike flock to it to drive leads.

There is something to be said about a company that can master the ins and outs of LinkedIn, especially when it comes to marketing on the site. However, in order to succeed you need to test, test, and test some more to find out what works and what doesn’t.

I have compiled the below dos and don’ts of B2B marketing on LinkedIn based on our own testing and research. 



The first thing you need to do before you deliver ads is to make sure to set SMART Goals. Doing so ensures you have a clear vision of who you’re targeting and why. Once you have a strong strategy with great content built around it, it’s time to advertise! Here are the dos we recommend to ensure your ads have high performance:

  • Discover what your audience’s challenges are and provide multiple solutions to that challenge.
  • Create ads with a clear message and call to action. Establish your company as an industry expert. This is most effective when you avoid using fancy jargon.
  • Use an image/visuals. An image in your ad can increase engagement by more than 150 percent.
  • Test various ads. LinkedIn allows you to create 15 different types of ads and recommends you try at least three. Extra options will allow you to pick and choose what is working best for your user engagement. You should test things like types of images, copy within an ad and more.
  • Evaluate your performance. As you monitor and evaluate your ads, you will find what is most effective for your business and marketing strategy. As you become more familiar you will be able to find your perfect match for each one.
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There are so many ways to advertise correctly on LinkedIn that we sometimes fail to see where we could falter. Even though LinkedIn is seen as the “professionals’ social media platform” it can be easy to forget that it is still a social network. So, here are some items to avoid in your advertisements:

  • Don’t deliver a sales pitch—1. It won’t work. 2. People will eventually learn to avoid your brand. Instead, try building relationships with your audience. Answer people’s questions when you see them and avoid being negative in your ads.
  • Don’t over-broaden/overgeneralize your ad content. You want people to know you are an expert in your field, and when you wander off from that course, they’ll lose interest. Try to be as specific as possible to your audience and the pain points they’re experiencing.
  • Don’t be boring. This goes without saying, but make sure your message is engaging. Great media and excellent copy are perfect for ensuring this.

There is a myriad of other ways to succeed in your B2B LinkedIn advertising. What are some of your successes when advertising on LinkedIn? Let me know in the comments below.