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Drive Website Visitors With These Call-to-Action Best Practices

A call-to-action (CTA) is a button or link that you place on your website that helps convert visitors to leads. Obtaining leads doesn’t happen without relevant and clear CTAs, so let’s review what it takes to convert more prospects with these CTA best practices:

CTA placement is key!

According to Matthew Caprioli, a content marketing associate at eZ, only 15% of people take the time to read your content from start to finish. Mix up your CTA placement with these tips:

  • If you have a longer piece of content (like a 700+ word blog), try putting your CTA at the beginning of your content to drive more clicks
  • If reading the content provides more context for your CTA, put it at the end
  • Perhaps there’s a paragraph in your blog that directly relates to your CTA—if so, try placing it after that paragraph

Be sure to test the placement of your CTAs. This will help you determine what types of CTAs perform better at the beginning, middle or end of your content.

Keep it concise and make it noticeable.

When a visitor reaches the end of your content, likes what they read and looks at your CTA, this is the moment of truth. Does your CTA attract them enough to click?

Copy on your CTA should be short and sweet. Your CTA should:

  • Convey just the right amount of information (don’t under- or over-share)
  • Clearly state the next step for the reader
  • Include actionable copy to encourage clicks

Design should make the CTA to stand out. While a simple element, even the color of your CTA can increase your conversion rates. For example, according to a study done by Quick Sprout, a red CTA can increase conversion rates by 21%, and an orange CTA can increase conversions by over 32.5%. Color might be the difference between converting a visitor or not, so try changing up your color scheme and get your CTAs to stand out.

If you have low click rates across the board, you may want to tweak the copy or design of your CTA. Remember to isolate one variable at a time to figure out what’s causing your low click rates.

Include a clear button.

Believe it or not, your prospects want you to tell them what to do. The more they have to think about decisions, the less likely they are to act. This is why a button with a clear action is critical to your CTA.

Accelity uses short and concise buttons like:

    • Read more
    • Download now
    • Subscribe
    • Learn more
    • Watch now

Here’s a tip: If you’re not sure what your button should direct the reader to do, always go back to your end goal. Ask yourself, what is the action I want them to take (read, download, etc.)? This is an easy way to dictate what your button text should be.

Offer a CTA sharing option.

When visitors want more information about an offer, one less popular, but very effective, way of receiving more clicks on a CTA is to have them share the it. If you use this tactic, however, the offer has to have enough value that they’d want to share it.

To promote CTA sharing, offer incentives such as more information, a free content piece or even enter them into a prize drawing.

When placed correctly with a clear and concise message (and the option to share that message), CTAs are a great way to convert customers. 

Need help building a CTA? Contact Milwaukee marketing agency, Accelity Marketing.