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Effective Branding Strategies that Attract Better Customers


A lot of brands get caught up in the simplified strategy of marketing to mass audiences in order to achieve universal brand awareness. They may identify buyer personas for their typical consumers, but fail to reach them because of poor marketing strategy. Lasting relationships form when you attract the right audience.

You have this awesome brand, but can’t quite seem to get people to convert. How can this be? Work backwards with these branding strategy tips to help you attract better customers.


Improved Targeting

As stated earlier, targeting to audiences is oftentimes too broad. The best branding strategy to attract better customers is messaging to a specific target market. Focus your marketing efforts on the people who are most likely to pay attention to your brand and, ultimately, convert.

The easiest way to do this is create buyer personas, representations of your ideal customer based on demographics, behaviors and psychographics. Gather this information from market research, competitive analysis and existing clientele. A good rule of thumb is to start with 3-5 personas and make adjustments thereafter. You don’t want to fall back in the habit of creating too many personas, broadening your audience too greatly, but also don’t want too few personas to miss branding awareness opportunities.


Brand Promise

A brand promise is a pledge that a brand delivers every time—the beating heart that keeps your brand alive. The brand promise is an important strategy because it aligns your entire organization with the brand’s positioning.

There are several factors that determine what your brand promise should be. For example, your consumers have certain expectations based on your industry such as price and quality. Your brand’s reputation is always something to consider as well.

You’ll want to use those expectations as guidelines to go above and beyond and make a lasting impression.

A brand promise should always convey a compelling benefit, must be authentic and credible and finally, must be kept every time, which leads us to our next branding strategy...consistency.



A brand promise is only good if it is kept. That’s where consistency comes into play. Delivering the same quality product or service to all consumers every time makes your brand more desirable. Not only is consistency attractive to new customers, it keeps your existing customers loyal to your brand because they know what to expect.



There comes a time when rebranding is inevitable for just about every company. It can be as huge as a radical overhaul, or as simple as a fresh new coat of paint. Rebranding has its challenges, certainly, but it’s a great way to modernize your brand and acquire new audiences. The trick is to balance the shift and not alienate your existing customers.

Take BMW for instance. They always keep the same general concept for their logo (blue and white propeller and black trim) and design of their cars, with minor tweaks to fit the taste of their customers in a particular decade.



Competitive Analysis

Keeping one eye on other brands in your industry helps you position your brand in the competitive landscape. Competitive analysis gives important insights on whether or not adjustments need to be made to your messaging, or new strategies need to be implemented. Comparative advertising can really set your brand above the rest in the eyes of the consumer. It also allows you to stay competitive if your company lacks innovation.


As you can see, all the above branding strategies coincide with one another to form an integrated branding program. All five branding strategies are great ways to attract the right customers, who are more likely to convert as well as become brand loyal. Keep in mind that your brand must be flexible and adaptable because people, and brands, change over time. As your customers evolve, so must your branding strategies to ensure long-term success.

What effective branding strategies do you use to attract quality customers? Let me know in the comments below! Looking for help with your company’s brand image? Contact Milwaukee inbound marketing agency, Accelity Marketing.


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