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Effective Messaging for Canceled Conferences During COVID-19

Effective Messaging for Canceled Conferences During COVID-19

Among the vacations, graduations, sporting events and other canceled spring events, many businesses are wondering how to continue networking now that conferences and trade shows have been canceled. These events aren’t just fun opportunities to get outside of the office but are an important tool for your sales team.

That said, you can still effectively communicate with those attendees. Many conferences and trade shows send out attendee lists months in advance, and the ones who don't typically have last year's attendees posted on their website. While you were hoping to reach out in person, you can still connect with other "attendees" to offers ways to provide value to their business. Here's how.



Transcript: Conferences and trade shows are a gold mine for sales professionals, and if you are anything like me you had several lined up that you were looking forward to attending before this crisis hit. Now that is not to say that it's a wasted wish, there is still something that you can do to salvage it.

Something that I've been doing recently is actually reaching out to the attendee list if I have it, and if i don't I actually use last year's attendee list, and basically I am just sending them a super simple message - nothing too crazy, nothing too extravagant. It just says, "Hey, I was really looking forward to a chance to introduce myself to you at xyz conference, would still love that opportunity, how would you feel about a good old-fashioned phone call? Fifteen minutes to learn a little bit more about your business, and see if there is any potential to work together." 

Very basic, very bland email, to be honest. I did throw one emoji in there to spice things up a little bit, but that one email actually booked about 4 meetings on about 60-70 attempts. So, I mean, it works and the opportunity is out there and people are still willing to talk. I think as long as you are also willing to have a conversation around what's going on, COVID-19 and coronavirus, and what they're doing as a business and share any insight you have, I think people are definitely willing to talk as we figure this whole thing out. We're all in this together.

What else has worked for you guys? Curious to hear!

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