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How Accelity Designs for B2B SaaS Companies

At Accelity, we recognize that there are many things to consider when creating your B2B SaaS company’s website and marketing materials. Showcasing your products and services, nudging users to a purchase page or form and highlighting your value are just a few. While planning your content, we ensure your design and branding go hand-in-hand with everything else.

Sometimes design can be an afterthought, or it’s seen as less important than everything else. However, great content design is key to creating cohesive branding, which builds trust and creates a user experience that positively impacts your sales and reputation. 

It’s easy to think that design is only important for B2C companies, but there are still people making the decision to purchase your B2B software or service. Just like packaged goods that need to pop off the shelf with beautiful colors, your B2B content also needs to wow consumers.

Here at Accelity, we help our B2B SaaS clients achieve their brand goals in a variety of ways. We create marketing materials that flow together, have a unique brand voice and make each company’s products and services stand out. We do this by working with you to simplify your complex processes into palatable content that keeps users engaged, as well as by further developing your branding and style guide into something memorable.

Holistic design approach

We think of design cohesively: the brand that we develop with you is fully integrated with how we design for you. Marketing has many moving parts, and we ensure that all of those parts work together seamlessly.

learn Accelity’s holistic approach for marketing at large

As part of our client onboarding, we work with you to create a comprehensive branding and graphic design guide that informs the elements we create. We’ll discuss elements such as:

  • Logo use
  • Color palette
  • Typography
  • Imagery preferences
  • Web design preferences

Throughout our engagement, we incorporate current design trends to keep your branding fresh and up-to-date. We also research your competitors and analyze their design methods by noting what they do and don’t do well, and we always look for ways that you can attract more customers.

Even if your buyers are used to dull design within your industry, you’ll stand out if you put in the work. People always enjoy content that is simple, beautiful and thoughtful.

Our design expertise

Ranked as one of the top digital marketing companies of Milwaukee, Accelity has helped many companies with marketing design to meet a variety of different goals. 

For example, Watermark Insights came to us through our work with Digital Measures, a company they had recently acquired. Our design team created a plan to help transition Digital Measures and two other software brands into one comprehensive Watermark brand. In addition to creating a new set of brand guidelines, we also rebranded Watermark’s existing resources and built an asset library for their team to reference. 


How Accelity Designs for B2B SaaS Companies


Benefits of having a fantastic design for your B2B SaaS business

Design is the icing on the cake when it comes to any marketing materials: it draws attention, keeps everything neat and builds suspense to learn more about what’s inside (or what other benefits your service may offer).

Simplify complex information

B2B SaaS companies typically have a lot of complex information that needs to be relayed to customers, and establishing a hierarchy for that information and making it palatable does something very important: keeps the audience engaged.

If the reader doesn’t get it or has to work to understand what you’re telling them, they’ll leave. Simple as that. If they stay, they learn more about you which gives them a reason to want to work with you long-term.

Build trust through cohesive branding

Having attractive deliverables does more than satisfy an aesthetic need—it builds trust. Seeing the same logo, colors and style across all of your marketing materials repetitively builds trust over time and helps pull your brand to the forefront of potential customers’ minds, all thanks to your design team.

Make lasting first impressions

If your design is outdated or lackluster, the first impression that users get when seeing your website or marketing materials is negative. It only takes about 10–20 seconds for a new user to make a decision about your website and brand, and once they decide to leave, it’s likely that they won’t give you a second chance.

Improving your B2B SaaS design

It’s difficult to pull a stat for the impact that great design can have because we do so much more than design for our clients. But when companies are doing everything right apart from design and their numbers never hit where they should, it’s easy to point to where they lost an opportunity.

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