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How Accelity Learns Your B2B SaaS Business in 30 Days

One question prospective clients often ask us is, “How will you be able to quickly learn our business?” That’s a completely fair question—after all, we work with companies selling software in highly complex and niche industries. 

To be able to effectively communicate your company’s value proposition to your customers, we need to be able to truly understand your business. Of course, we don’t have the same level of experience in the industry as you and your team—so how can we learn your company, product and industry so well that we can not only describe it but effectively market it?

Our methods for learning a B2B SaaS business are tested and proven. We take a caring, diligent approach to learning your business, with an onboarding process that is both a science and an art. Here’s how we learn all about your business in just 30 days.  

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Your marketing team

Our effective onboarding process doesn’t start with the “how” but with the “who.” Every client who works with us receives a dedicated five-person team, or pod, who is responsible for learning all about the client and meeting their unique needs.  

Each pod consists of:

  • A strategic advisor. Responsible for big-picture strategy implementation and goal deliverables.
  • A marketing strategist. Responsible for day-to-day project management and strategy execution, and all client communication. 
  • A copywriter. Responsible for crafting compelling copy that resonates with key audiences. 
  • A designer. Responsible for implementing the brand’s visual identity across media. 
  • An inbound specialist. Responsible for executing inbound marketing components such as website, social and email. 

With designated pod members and clearly assigned roles, everyone knows what they need to do to learn and carry out the client’s marketing strategy. Clients can feel confident that our team of marketing pros is working quickly and thoroughly to get up and running. 


How Accelity Learns Your B2B SaaS Business in 30 Days


Processes and tools for learning your business

We’ve created a well-thought-out process for everything we do, from buyer personas to monthly campaigns to creative briefs for blogs. Our 30-day onboarding process is a series of meetings and activities that we’ve honed over the years to quickly learn your business. We research your industry, your company, your history and your goals to become a true extension of your team—not just an agency for hire.

Here’s how. 

Initial meeting that digs into your business

Our first meeting is also our first dive into learning your business in 30 days. We examine your current marketing strategy and get to know your business inside and out, including: 

    • Marketing challenges and goals
    • Industry and competitive landscape 
    • Target market and industry segments
    • Potential sales barriers and recommendations to overcome them
    • Current and past marketing efforts (and their success)

This provides us with a baseline for understanding where your product, company and industry are today. 

Buyer personas help us create marketing that resonates

Buyer personas are “semi-fictional representations of your ideal customers based on data and research.” Together, we build buyer personas to focus your marketing efforts and craft targeted Messages that will resonate. 

To build the buyer personas, we’ll meet with subject matter experts on your team to ask questions about their demographics, how they work, what their challenges are and what resonates with them. With this information in hand, we then conduct additional market research to build a complete picture of your buyers. 

Content brainstorm to build the buyer’s journey

The content brainstorm helps us align with you on what our marketing plan will look like. In this meeting, we dig deeper into the topics and the types of content that will help your buyers at every stage of their buying journey. 

We start by looking at your existing content to identify opportunities to amplify previously created work. Then, we see what else we can create for each persona based on your sales cycle to ultimately guide them towards choosing your business. 

Competitive research that uncovers what your buyers see

We don’t just focus on your company. We also take a look at what your competitors are doing to understand what your buyers see. After a deep dive into your top competitors’ website, we perform a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) to see where we can help you gain an edge over the competition. 

Part of our competitive analysis includes keyword research on you and your top competitors. We discover which keywords customers are using to find your companies, and how easily they’re discovering your website versus the competition.

Copywriting and design guides solidify a strong brand 

When working together, we want to ensure a consistent, reliable brand experience that is memorable to customers and prospects alike. 

Our copy and design specialists will help you articulate your branding preferences, including logo usage, colors, style and terminology considerations. We’ll also perform exercises to discover your brand personality and brand voice. If this is something you’ve already established, we’ll review your design and copy guides, and provide recommendations and best practices as needed.

Learning your business

Our onboarding process takes 30 days, enough time for your dedicated five-person pod to have a strong grasp on your business before launching your first campaign. But the learning doesn’t end there. Our team will continue to dive deep into the issues that affect your customers and your business. We apply the same diligent processes to our ongoing engagements as we do to our onboarding. 

From the moment we start onboarding and as our relationship develops, you’ll find that Accelity will quickly become an integral extension of your team. 

To learn more about how Accelity helps B2B SaaS companies like yours and what we can create with you, request a consultation today.