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How Do I Know When My Company is Ready to Outsource

Businesses have struggled with this question for years: When should I outsource my marketing? There isn't always a right or wrong answer, but there are a few things you should take into consideration before your business makes a decision.

Most established companies can outsource their marketing at any time. They have an established product/service and customer base that will follow them no matter who's doing the marketing. When it comes to startups and newly started businesses, the answer isn't so clear.




Some startups that are still in the growth phase and just getting going haven't honed in on identifying who their ideal customers are or who they want to sell to yet. In that case, you would want to wait to outsource your marketing. It isn't until you have a specific product for a specific market that you should start to look at outsourcing your marketing.

Deciding when to outsource your marketing can be as simple as ensuring you've made yourself as familiar as possible with your product/service and identified a clear target audience. Without doing both, the marketing agency you engage won't be as effective.

Need help determining your target buyer? Use our buyer persona template to get started.


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