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How to Create B2B SaaS Video Content that Sticks


To any marketer or business leader looking to target a specific audience and reach new customers, this may not come as a surprise: Video content is everywhere. There are a plethora of videos to consider, ranging from customer testimonials and product demonstrations to vlogs and motivational videos that inform and inspire your audience. Finding the right B2B SaaS video content that sticks and positions you differently is the true test. Here are a few ways to filter through the abyss of video content and stand out.


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Engage Your Audience

With so much video content being produced and consumed, finding a way to stand out and engage your audience can be difficult. Asking user-generated questions is one of the easiest ways to involve your followers in whatever content you are producing. Are they interested in a particular topic in the B2B space? If so, focus on that, especially if it falls within your realm of expertise.

Utilize every opportunity to talk with your potential customers and audience versus at them. People will look forward to watching your videos once you create this connection and encourage people to have a conversation because their perspective will be acknowledged through the video content you produce.

HubSpot developed a new video system that tracks engagement on social media channels, integrates with your Sales Hub and gives you the ability to add in-video CTA’s. Consider using this platform to track video metrics to tailor your content to your audience’s needs and drive traffic to your website.

Similar to B2B marketing best practices for obtaining MQLs, the more you know about your audience when creating B2B SaaS video content, the better. Ensure that you are using relevant hashtags that match with the video content. Doing this is an easy way to expand your video’s reach to make content that sticks.


Sell Your Story, Not Just Your Product

Most people do not want to be inundated with more advertisements when watching videos. When creating video content, try not to focus on selling a product or service. That’s the purpose of sponsored advertisements and other forms of promotion. Instead, showcase your personality, tell the story of what your company does and how it has helped customers. People don’t buy products, they buy experiences and benefits.

While generating leads is important for any entrepreneur or small business owner, people also like to know the CEO behind the business. Our CEO, Jackie Hermes, creates LinkedIn videos that garner a lot of attention. This is a prime example of how to use video to spark engagement on social media. Videos with a personal touch make content more digestible, relatable and can create new relationships or business connections that might be beneficial in the future.

Opportunities to connect offline or via direct message start to come to fruition when viewers feel like they are having a conversation with the person talking. These opportunities can contribute directly to helping grow your business.


Be Clear About Your Message

Watching a video and still being confused about its main message is a cause for concern. When creating B2B SaaS video content that sticks, your message should be clear. Excited about a new business opportunity that you recently finalized? Share your excitement and be concise. Just gained new leads from a successful HubSpot campaign? Share that.

Make sure you get your main points across at the beginning of your video to engage your audience right away. Additionally, try not to tackle different subjects all at once, as it can cause confusion and force your viewers to lose focus. This can lead to lower engagement over time.

Using captions to supplement your video content can be helpful, but don’t let it distract viewers or take away from the video content you are producing. Reading posts with a lot of copy force viewers to do more work compared to a video that is typically easier to digest.


Use Your Creativity

This goes without saying, but show some excitement in your video! When you’re able to get excited, your audience will notice. B2B SaaS can be a complex space, but your videos don’t have to be. Showcase your business in a way that is fun and easy to understand. Tell a story about your company and its history, recent business developments or even a goal that was recently accomplished.

Videos provide a unique opportunity to convey more emotion than you typically can with copy. Enthusiasm goes a long way to make sure you let your audience know exactly how you are feeling and gets them excited as well.

When in doubt, use visual content as part of your video production. A few examples of effective visual elements to use include infographics and slides from pitch decks. You want your audience to grasp the key messages, and using something that is visually appealing encourages your audience to share your video content and follow up on content you’ve shared.

If you’re looking for help creating video content that tells a story, connect with our B2B SaaS marketing agency, Accelity Marketing.


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