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How to Create Standout Business Card Designs



Business cards can be a great face for your company. After a long day of networking, people forget the many faces they've met and the hands they've shook. A business card serves as a quick reminder of the mission of your business, style and most importantly, allows for your potential clients to reach out to you.

In a digital world, it’s important to have your print projects stand out from the crowd. Here are a few options for creating the best business card designs:

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1. Use a pre-made template.


image via Moo.com 

Most printing sites such as Moo or Vistprint offer free templates for business cards in a variety of themes specific to occupation, color palette or visual interest. Simply insert your contact information, place a .png version of your logo and you’re prepared to network in style.


2. Stand out with a unique shape.

Toxel_Card.jpg PetalPixel_Card.jpg

image via toxel.com                                                                                            image via petapixel.com

The key to being memorable after handing over your card is standing out among the hundreds of 3”x2” cards tucked into your prospective client’s wallet. Create a card with a unique shape tailored to the mission of your brand can make. This helps the prospect associate your face with the card and compels them to call you. Go all out with this one: Incorporate client interaction or have the card serve a functional purpose like the USB card from swivelcard that allows you to hand over a digital copy of your portfolio on the spot. Think outside the...card.


3. Create a card with texture.

fea40d8523ae62d9bcda09e55ba2e139.jpg    1wooden-business-cards-jukebox.jpg

Along with a unique shape, include texture in your business card to stand out. A standard stock card with a glossy finish can get lost among the various pocket possessions and is often thrown away. Creating business card designs with texture or unique materials, like these designs from Jukebox, makes your card both memorable and intriguing to potential clients.


4. Stay true to your brand.


As with any marketing material, you want to be sure your business cards are on brand. Although you may find a great bright floral pattern you love, if you promote B2B sales, it quickly becomes irrelevant to your brand. This stainless steel cheese grater business card created for Bon Vivant by J. Walter Thompson gives context to the brand of the business, how to get in touch and serves as a unique gift for recipients to use. Stay true to your brand’s color palette, mission and design standards, but don’t be afraid to get creative.


How do you make your business card design unique? What are some of your favorite business cards that stand out from the crowd?