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Increase B2B SaaS Sales With a Clear Pricing Page

There are a variety of strategies you can deploy on your website to get more prospects into your sales funnel. A great place to start when increasing your B2B SaaS sales is by adding a clear and easy-to-find pricing page on your website.

Many companies opt out of having a pricing page and instead choose to implement calls-to-action throughout their website that ask prospects to contact them for pricing information. But this can be detrimental to the sales pipeline, especially for B2B SaaS companies. 

Without a clear pricing page, prospects might assume you’re trying to hide an overpriced service. Or, they may not have enough time to contact you about prices when your competitors readily show a breakdown of theirs.

In the increasingly competitive B2B SaaS marketplace, getting prospects to a well-defined pricing page can positively impact your website traffic and sales, even if you have variable pricing models.

Here’s why having a clear pricing page will boost your company’s B2B SaaS sales.

People won’t buy if they don’t know how much you charge

The most basic reason to have a clear pricing page is that people won’t give you a chance if they don’t see what your services cost. If your competitors offer that information transparently, you’re now creating friction at the earliest stage of your pipeline (and your potential customers will likely move on).

This happens because people don’t buy the way that they used to: now, B2B buyers have access to all of the information they want in the palm of their hand. Customers expect to be able to gather all the information they need before ever engaging with sales—including pricing information for your company and that of each of your competitors. If they can’t find pricing on your website, they’re not going to bother contacting you for it when they have prices from other websites at the top of their mind already.

A pricing page puts warm leads directly into your sales pipeline

Having a clear pricing page is essential for increasing your warm leads, and tracking how people interact with that page is just as important! 

Most of the time, if someone is looking at your pricing page, they’re already considering you. As long as you’re tracking your website traffic, every pit stop at your pricing page is another warm lead in your pipeline. There are a variety of ways to track how people interact with your website. One tool that’s easy to set up on your new pricing page is Google Tag Manager.

But keep in mind: had you not offered this information, you may have lost out on another lead to one of your competitors.

HOT TIP: A popular CTA to add to B2B SaaS pricing pages is to “schedule a demo.” If they like the pricing and your product, they’ll convert right there and start communicating with you!


The importance of a B2B SaaS Pricing Page

Transparent and accessible pricing details build trust

Being transparent with your pricing is a strategy that creates a direct line of communication with your prospects. You look confident and present your business as having a strong foundation, one that’s prepared to take your prospect on as a client. Great B2B SaaS relationships are built on trust and transparency.

Looking for ideas? Check out Accelity’s pricing page to help you get a head start on creating your own!

What if my pricing is too complicated to put on my website?

Long story short: it’s not! 

So your pricing isn’t set in stone for every company that enters your sales funnel—that shouldn’t stop you from creating a transparent pricing page! 

In this scenario, you can still create a clear pricing page. Here’s how:

  • Show that you offer tiered pricing.
  • Have people answer a short questionnaire that gives them a price estimate. Cost calculators are very practical for both you and your prospects.
  • Post what you charge per hour if applicable.
  • You can offer your cost PMPM/PEPM (per member per month, per employee per month, etc.).

No matter how your business’s pricing is structured, there’s a way to simplify it and at least give your prospects a ballpark idea of what you charge. If you hide your pricing, you’re going to lose great potential clients to your competitors.

Start building trust with your customers and leveraging your website to increase sales by building a pricing page for your B2B SaaS company.

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