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More Than Gaming: How Virtual Reality Can Help Your Business


Virtual reality is good for more than an intense bout of Call of Duty with friends. While it might take some time for virtual reality to hit the homes of each and every American (or global citizen), this form of media will eventually offer entrepreneurs and business owners experiences they’ve never had before. Here are three ways that virtual reality can improve the dynamics of your business.


Bringing your team together

Buffer, a social media management company, has a team that collaborates across the entire globe and only comes together a couple of times a year. As workforce culture changes, and more companies begin to adopt their work culture to Buffer’s, collaboration through technology will become increasingly popular. One great thing about virtual reality is that it allows people to connect in a virtual space, no matter how far they actually are from one another. Instead of having a team meet regularly over a conference call, or online meetings or video chats, like WebEx, Skype or Google Hangouts, virtual reality would make it seem as if team members across the country or globe were sitting in the same room with you, simulating collaboration similar to real life interaction


TED-worthy presentations

No tool can guarantee that a presentation will be great, but virtual reality can certainly help entrepreneurs, business owners and everyone else deliver greater presentations. Many of us can recall some very terrible PowerPoint presentations, so we know that technology doesn’t dictate the quality of a presentation—that is all up to the presenter. However, virtual reality, while a presentation aid like PowerPoint or Prezi, can add an extra layer to your presentations. Imagine you’re explaining what it’s like to take a safari in Africa, or be on the top floor of the Empire State building, and then after you explain it, you’re able to actually take people to that feeling or experience with the help of virtual reality. It could help you deliver a TED-worthy presentation.


Making repetitive tasks more interesting

I hate entering data, and even if I were to complete data entry in a virtual space, I would still hate it. However, virtual reality can improve those daunting or boring tasks by changing the space around you. For instance if I wanted to enter data overlooking New York City or sitting in the Oval Office, then I could do that. This doesn’t change the task I’m doing, but it makes the task a little more interesting.


No matter what type of work you do, virtual reality can help improve the dynamics of your business in some way. Whether it be by increasing communication, presentation efficiency or productivity during daunting tasks, virtual reality can assist in making work easier, interesting and more enjoyable. I wouldn’t go as far to say that 2016 is the year of VR, but as this type of technology becomes increasingly popular, there will be more ways to use it to aid your business and career.

What other ways can virtual reality help an entrepreneur? Let us know in the comment section below.


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