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5 Ways to Optimize Your Productivity

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Some of the best feelings come when we are being productive. We’re more energetic, we feel accomplished, and of course, a lot gets done! Productivity is the culmination of being able to prioritize tasks and work as efficiently as possible. Here are some methods to use in order to optimize your productivity in your business.


Batch your work.

Your time is best spent grouping similar tasks together and doing them all at once. Circling back to a similar task multiple times ultimately takes longer. Social media is a good example of this, especially Twitter. If you take an hour to research several links to share on Twitter, you’ll have a cache of prepared tweets and will never have to rush to find a suitable article. The same with Instagram. Gather up items to shoot and prepare a weeks worth of photos all at once! Batching is the ultimate skill to help your efficiency and productivity.


Schedule your social media.

You shouldn’t have to be present for each of your social media posts. Instead, utilize tools like Buffer, Edgar, Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to schedule your social media updates (or use this social media content calendar). With these tools, you benefit by showing activity on your platforms without taking time out of your day to physically post. Using a social media scheduling application also allows you to batch your social media work.


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Complete or delete.

This method is geared towards email inboxes. It’s very simple. If you open an email, either be completing it by replying, filing it away in a folder, or deleting it so it is out of your inbox. Ultimately, touching an email only once will make it so you never need to circle back, and it will keep your inbox free from already read newsletters and junk emails.


Delegate tasks.

Delegating is still an essential part of optimizing your productivity. If you find yourself overwhelmed with tasks that are distracting you from achieving what will bring in revenue, then assigning tasks to someone who can do them with the same quality will free up your time. Even if you don’t have a team and are a solo business owner, outsourcing some work will help you focus and accomplish more in your day.


Know when to stop.

Burning the midnight oil can be amazing for your creativity, but there are also those nights when you are willing yourself to keep working at 11:30 pm, and it’s simply time to quit and call it a night. Knowing when to stop working will benefit you as you come back to your projects feeling refreshed and reenergized, making your more productive, and even creative, in your work.


How do you optimize your productivity to be the most effective in your business? Let us know in the comments below. Looking for more ways to stay productive? Watch the video below!