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SEO Best Practices That Your Business Should Follow

When you get started trying to optimize your site for Google search, everything you're supposed to do can seem insurmountable and terrifying. However, the worst thing you can let SEO do is to scare you off. Instead, focus on small wins you can use to get started.

Some best practices that are easy to implement include updating all site images to have alt text, adding specific focus keywords to your pages and including meta descriptions. Overall, the most important thing to remember is to consider searcher intent when optimizing. Consider what questions your audience would be Googling when they come across your content, related topics and more factors that impact search queries.

Overall, don't be intimidated and get started with even more steps for beginners in this video checklist.



It’s super easy to get intimidated by SEO. But the most important thing you can do when getting started is to not let the complexities scare you from jumping right in and starting to incorporate efforts that can allow you to see benefit from optimizing your site. So, getting started it’s super easy to think about what you are creating from your own perspective, but you’re not the one searching for the content. Instead, you should really be thinking about what headspace is your audience in when they’re searching? What questions would they be asking that would lead them to get this answer? And think through that when you’re creating your content. Think through that when you’re doing your keyword research.

We use SEMRush to find out the density of keywords, to find out the competition, to see how frequently people are even searching for the keyword. You shouldn’t be creating content for a keyword that's only getting 10 monthly searches. You want some high volume but if the competition is huge, with real estate that’s already been claimed that might not be a great opportunity for you. So we try to find a good balance of high search volume but low to medium competition.

Outside of that, some easy wins, getting started with making sure all the images on your site have alt text, you want to make sure that they have descriptive text in the back end of the website that lets the search engine know what the image is depicting this is also helpful for an audience who needs to have this stuff read to them, additionally making sure that each of your pages has a focus keyword, that again is tied to something high search volume, low competition. You should have meta-descriptions for all your pages that incorporate the focus keyword, teases the page a little bit and kind of ties the audience in to read it.

So, if you download our SEO checklist you’ll get some more actionable tips for getting started with SEO as a beginner.

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