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She loves all things Milwaukee, Friends, and wine: Meet Jenn!

Meet Jenn
Follow the yellow brick road to meet the wizards behind the curtain at Accelity! We might not practice magic, but we can make content appear in the blink of an eye. In this blog series, we will feature one of our talented team members so you can see what we are all about. This month's star is Jenn Karger!

What drew you to Accelity?

The fact that it’s a smaller, start-up business that has a really good culture. It’s such a benefit of working for a small business that you get to work so closely with your co-workers. I also see it as a really great place to grow - both professionally in my career and with the company. Being a small business there are so many opportunities to learn and gain skills I wouldn’t have at a larger company, while also being able to contribute my ideas to the overall business. 

What’s your secret talent?

Does being able to describe which episode of Friends is playing by hearing only a few seconds or seeing a quick screenshot count as a talent? I am obsessed with the show - I’ve probably re-watched the series from start to finish at least 5 or 6 times, in addition to when I randomly throw on episodes or watch them on TV. Since they took it off of Netflix I have recorded the series on TBS whenever it airs so that I am able to still get my daily Friends fix.

A zombie outbreak just happened in Milwaukee, what is your plan to survive?

I currently live above a bakery so probably steal a bunch of the bread and donuts, then go into hiding - because that would be the only way I survive.

What is something you are proud of with your work?

I’m proud of the fact of how organized I always am. I am always on top of my projects and the details of what needs to get done. It’s nothing specific, but overarching across everything I work on - definitely something that I am typically known for.

If Accelity was a comedic movie or TV show, what do you think it would be?

Hate to say it, since I’m sure everyone else does, but The Office. Everyone has such a unique personality here, but it works so well together!

If you could meet one dead famous person who would it be?

I’m cheating here because the only famous person I want to meet is very much alive - Harry Styles.

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