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The Secret Lead Gen Tactic: Outside of the Funnel Content

The Secret Lead Gen Tactic: Outside of the Funnel Content

When you search for “outside of the funnel content” on Google, there aren’t many, if any, results that actually discuss this topic. You’ll find information on how to create content for the top, middle and bottom of the funnel, but “OOFU” information is seriously lacking.

The problem with that? OOFU content is an inbound marketer’s secret weapon to lead gen.

What is OOFU content?

Outside of the funnel/OOFU content is above the usual top-of-funnel content that is targeted at, and useful for, a broader range of people. This content doesn’t necessarily lead people towards your business solutions, as it provides valuable tools or information that any business can use.

An example of content directed outside of the funnel is HubSpot’s email signature generator template. Almost everyone in business needs an email signature; HubSpot took that knowledge and created a tool that appeals to many in order to boost lead gen.

Another example is Accelity's royalty-free stock photos. We think companies should have access to quality images for their website and marketing efforts, so our free B2B stock photos allow us to help a variety of businesses.


Why does it matter?

It might be counter-intuitive for inbound marketers to create content that isn’t targeted at a specific buyer persona or personas, but that’s exactly what creating OOFU means. Because outside of the funnel content is targeted at a larger audience, it is easier to:


Drive more leads!

OOFU content creates epic utility for your potential buyers by providing solutions for their every day needs; this makes their jobs (and lives) easier. The result? You’ll cast a larger net that pulls in more leads.

Remember the HubSpot email signature generator I mentioned above? This OOFU tool drives 1,800 net new leads and 3,200 email subscribers per week. That’s 20,000 leads per month!

If you are looking into creating OOFU content, consider the needs of your potential buyers in their day-to-day job. When you create effective OOFU content based on this idea, you’ll see a major boost in the number of leads you receive.

How do I get started making OOFU content?

Remember, OOFU content won’t always lead people directly to your product or service. Creating and promoting it is a way to cast a large net and start sifting out your ideal buyers based on personas and other criteria. Because of this, the way you think about this content differs from your usual process. Ask yourself:

  • What things do our buyer personas do before they need me?
  • What resources do we have internally to make OOFU content?
  • Can we repurpose anything we currently have into new content?

Brainstorm your ideas first, then rank which options are the most effective. If you have a small budget, you may also want to rank which project will take the least amount of time and money.


Do you have OOFU content that is driving leads like crazy? Share it in the comments below. Are you looking for help generating more leads? Contact Milwaukee content marketing agency, Accelity Marketing.


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