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Update Your Website with These Web Design Trends for 2021

There are many factors that dictate the latest web design trends: consumer tastes, technological capabilities, regulations, the latest updates to search engine algorithms. 

So what web design trends can we expect for 2021? Here are three of the web and UX trends we’re excited to see. 

More animations

You may have noticed more web designers implementing subtle animations across web pages. Animated elements include images, icons, and copy. Picture a header with a banner that seems to sparkle or text that bounces along the page. 

Adding animations can help a website come to life; however, the less intrusive the animation, the better. You don’t want your user experience to be thwarted by a dancing mascot tumbling across the page. 

Design tip: Test out some animations on the homepage of your site. This doesn’t have to be anything dramatic; start small by adding animation to icons. 

Minimalist design

Less is more. We are now in a web design era where fluff gets cut, allowing the important information to shine. Remove any copy or design that isn’t totally necessary to make it easier for users to clearly gather information. 

Not convinced? Test to see if cutting the fluff lowers your bounce rate. It could be that users were bouncing because they had too many choices and just gave up.

Design tip: Start with your homepage and conduct an audit of what you could cut! Do you have too much imagery? Is your page too copy heavy, causing it to look cluttered? Collect feedback from stakeholders for ideas. 


Negative space

Along with minimalism, negative space also helps to guide users through your site. Negative space is the area around the subject, or in this case, the areas around your copy and design. 

Utilize negative space to your advantage. If you want your user to look at a specific area on your site, surround that area with negative space so their eyes can easily focus on exactly what you want them to see.

Design tip: While you’re auditing your website for excess copy/design elements, also audit your pages for where you can use white space to your advantage. Use whitespace to guide users to where you want them to go next on your site.

Implementing web design trends in 2021

While developing animations or parallax from scratch can be a little tricky, WordPress development along with themes such as Themify or Elementor make it easy to implement design trends that increase webpage usability. With WordPress, test out these trends without a large time or money investment. When the trends change—as they always do—it’s easy to update your website to the latest user-friendly best practices.

Interested in updating your website to drive more users to your B2B SaaS company? Accelity’s team of web designers is here to help! Check out our web design services and request a consultation today. 

Source: https://uxdesign.cc/the-state-of-ux-for-2021-619ddd23303f   

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