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When is it Time to Outsource Your Marketing?

When you’re running a startup or small business, you wear multiple hats—one of which is the role of marketer. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know that running a company takes time, but how do you know when it’s better to outsource services, like marketing, instead of managing those responsibilities yourself? In this blog we’ll discuss the signs that tell you it’s time to outsource your marketing—you might even be seeing them right now.

When your marketing efforts aren’t working

You’ve put time into the “right” marketing strategy, you’ve created and curated content, sent emails, have an amazing website and your social media presence is strong—but you’re not seeing the results you need.

There could be a couple of reasons for this: your plan isn’t as great as you think, or you aren’t measuring your efforts correctly, if at all. Outsourcing this area of your business will connect you with experts who have proven ways to measure key marketing metrics. They’ll also make sure your marketing strategies follow the best methods for executing great campaigns.

When your time and focus is needed elsewhere

You only have so much time in a day, and wearing multiple hats isn’t easy. How do you break down your schedule? What if your marketing team, development team and sales team need you at one time? Outsourcing marketing services alleviates this issue by giving someone else the responsibility of focusing on your marketing efforts. What’s more, it frees you up to handle other important areas of the business.

When you lack expertise

If you’re building a startup from the ground up, or are a part of a small business where you’ve been given the responsibility of running three departments when you only have experience in one, you may lack the professional expertise to run a marketing team—and that’s okay!

Outsourcing your marketing helps you do two main things when you lack expertise. First, you can harness the knowledge and experience of professional marketers who already know marketing best practices and strategies. This knowledge will help you grow even faster. Second, it allows you to focus on other aspects of your business that you’re truly passionate about, or interested in.

When you need to grow (fast)

As mentioned previously, working with marketers who know marketing best practices and strategies will help you grow your business. But why?

If you don’t have marketing experience, you’ll need to study, research and test different strategies to see what works. But if your company doesn’t have time for your learning curve, outsourcing is a smart option. Marketing agencies:

  • Have already tested many different strategies, and know what works
  • Tested strategies with other clients. They’ve learned what works with other clients and have proven strategies.
  • Often specialize in your specific industry. For example, Accelity specializes in B2B SaaS marketing, and other agencies focus on manufacturing, retail, etc.

If you need to grow fast, it’s important to recognize when you have the time to figure out marketing on your own and when you need professional assistance.

When you want to decrease risk

Being a startup or small business holds a certain level of risk. Add to that the rules and regulations of different marketing channels (like email spam rules, for example)—creating quality content that complies with all the rules can be complicated.

Outsourcing your marketing services decreases risk by:

  • Giving you a second pair of eyes while creating and reviewing content
  • Sharing risk when a customer or competitor challenges your marketing content
  • Providing email marketing expertise
  • Sharing knowledge about industry trends and regulations (depending on the client)

When you want an affordable way to produce a quality marketing strategy and content

Are you considering having an in-house marketing team? If you run the numbers as a startup or small business, chances are that outsourcing your marketing efforts will come up the more affordable option for many reasons, like:

  • Salary, compensation, bonuses, pension and benefits: Whether you hire one marketer or a team of 10, you’ll need to compensate them fairly and provide benefits. The cost of outsourcing depends on the contract that you work out with the agency.
  • Holidays, vacation and sick days: You’ll need to provide the same vacation and sick day benefits you provide current staff. This also means you’ll have to find coverage when your team members take vacation or sick days. When you outsource to an agency, this becomes the agency’s responsibility.
  • Extra office space, technology and equipment: Growing your company is a great thing, but finding the physical space and equipment for new marketing team members does have an associated cost.
  • Time spent interviewing and training candidates to create a team: Building a team doesn’t happen overnight, and outsourcing to a marketing team usually takes less time.

There are many reasons to outsource your marketing efforts at your company, and the above examples give you a good idea of the signals to look out for. If you’re looking for marketing assistance, contact Milwaukee marketing agency, Accelity Marketing.

What made you decide to outsource your marketing? Or, are you still weighing the decision? Leave a comment below!