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Why CTAs Can Make or Break Lead Conversion


CTAs or “calls-to-action,” not only serve as the “click here” component of your marketing, but they often serve as the main means of converting leads from the awareness phase of the inbound methodology to the decision-making stage.

They say it’s not all about looks, but an attractive CTA can make or break viewer’s interest in clicking through to see more about your content. The following are a few CTA formats that can convert your web visitors successfully: 


Full image CTAs

Full image CTAs include a preview of the content you are promoting, descriptive copy and a CTA button. They prompt web visitors to click through to either download or learn more about that particular piece of content.

Full image CTAs can serve as the best means of drawing in new users because it gives them a complete visual of what to expect. Because these CTAs disclose the largest amount of information in advance of downloading or learning more, these build the largest amount of trust between your brand and web visitors. Use these calls-to-action to share and promote visually appealing pieces of content such as infographics and ebooks, and you’ll see increased interest in your content.


Guide to Attracting B2B Customers on FB ebook


CTA banners

A CTA banner accomplishes similar goals to the full image CTA, but can include a full image preview of your content, or a visual that best relates to your content. A CTA banner doesn’t have to necessarily include a direct button that draw attention to your content; instead it serves as a means of promotion that engages interest. These banners can be placed in emails to promote your previously created content, on pages with other content previews or on social media with a corresponding link.

As with the full image CTA, these visual-based banners build trust with your web visitors by sharing a preview of the content they can expect from your company. By setting the standard of your content at a high level, you receive more engagement with your website and your content downloads.


Inbound Marketing CTA Banner.png


CTA buttons

CTA buttons are a concise way to engage web visitors with your content’s potential. Whether it’s a brief “Learn More” or an alluring “Download Now”, buttons are a quick, stylish way to use an email or newsletter to serve as a jumping off platform for visiting your content.

A simple button can just as effectively convert leads into the decision phase by providing them a straightforward way to get the goods. Use these CTA buttons later in the marketing funnel, once the user is familiar with your content, in order to reduce unnecessary visual bulk and keep the process streamlined. This will help leads stay onboard throughout the full conversion process.


Accelity Download Now Button


There are several ways to attract, convert and close web visitors into becoming leads, but CTAs are one of the most significant components of accomplishing that task. When it comes to lead conversion, you have to find the style that works best for your platform. If you’re just starting out, try to mix-and-match styles throughout the various phases of the marketing funnel to convert the most leads for your brand. Happy converting!