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Why TOFU Content is Critical During COVID-19

covid-19 marketing

In order to create long-lasting customer relationships, it’s essential to get the right content in front of your ideal target market. Like the start of a conversation, you want to take it slow to nurture the relationship and establish trust. Think about it: you wouldn’t want to ask someone to marry you on the first date and you shouldn’t ask someone to buy from you on the first interaction. That’s where TOFU (or top-of-funnel) content comes in handy—it’s your opportunity to lay down a foundation of trust.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, TOFU content is more important than ever. In a time of heightened emotions, our brains are hitting “record” on all we’re experiencing right now. Which experience do you want ingrained in the minds of your audience – that of a pushy salesperson or that of a helpful resource during a trying time? (My guess and recommendation is the latter.)

We’re all going through the same crisis and figuring out how we can position our businesses to weather the storm. The best way to do that is to help each other so we can continue to grow together on the other side of this. Here’s how you can use TOFO content to establish your brand as a valuable resource right now.


Educational blogs posts

Just like this article, educational blog posts are designed to teach your audience something, help them work through a problem or answer a tough question. Consider what your prospects might be struggling with right now and how you can help. Be sure to factor in how COVID-19 is impacting their daily lives and their businesses.

You can use your blogs to link to your own content or other authority sites to build trust with your audience. You don’t want to be pushy, but position your resources as opportunities to learn more about the given subject. 


Helpful videos

Videos are a great way to get your face in front of your audience and quickly establish trust. While practicing social distancing, many people are craving a human connection and videos are a great way to keep your audience engaged while providing value in a fun format!

Use videos to show off your personality a little bit more. While we may be selling for businesses, we’re all humans—show that! Be transparent and empathetic. Try to relate to your audience and their problems, emotions and fears. Provide value by teaching your audience about a topic you’re an expert in or provide comfort by discussing how you’re personally handling COVID-19. More than anything, if you’re genuine with your audience, it will go a long way towards gaining their trust.


Webinars and forums

The best of both worlds, webinars and forums provide valuable educational content while establishing a human connection via video. Personally, I’ve loved attending webinars and connecting with professionals. I’ve learned a ton from hearing how other business owners are reacting to this crisis. (And, as an extrovert, it’s great to talk to other adult humans right now!)

Now is a great time to teach prospects about a topic you’re an expert in. Many industries are slowing down and people are finding themselves with more downtime at home (and more time online). Provide professional development resources they can take advantage of during this time.


This pandemic is unifying… we’re all going through the same experience. As we take each day at a time, it’s easier when we help each other. I’d love to know what your company is focusing on during the pandemic! Let me know in a comment below.

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