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4 Tips to Increase Marketing Productivity That Start With You

4 Tips to Increase Your Marketing Productivity

Keeping marketing productivity high can be a difficult task for both businesses and employees. Are you currently struggling with this? Don’t worry—we’ve compiled a list of things you can do increase marketing productivity now without stressing yourself out. Follow these four tips every day to increase your marketing efforts!

1. Collaborate.

When you isolate yourself at the office and while developing projects, you’re actually underperforming. Open collaboration with your coworkers allows communication to flow freely, ideas to be proposed without judgement and, in turn, results in higher quality outputs. Increasing marketing productivity starts first from within, and making yourself accessible to your colleagues is the best first step.


2. Eat Healthy.

You might be asking… what does this have to do with marketing? While this can apply to anyone, it’s still important to note that a balanced diet helps creativity flow. A healthy diet is crucial for your brain power—eating high-quality foods keeps your brain functioning like a well-oiled machine. Consuming unhealthy foods breaks that machine down, and even stops it from working.

On a similar note, skipping meals isn’t good either. When you’re hungry, the only thing that is likely on your mind is… food. Being distracted from work due to skipping breakfast or lunch isn’t worth it. 

Here are some tips to eat healthy and boost your productivity:

  • Avoid sluggishness by bringing snacks to eat throughout the day if you feel you don’t have time to grab a bite before work, or don’t want to break the bank by eating out.
  • Plan your meals on Sundays (or whatever day works best). This helps you create a well-balanced menu for the week instead of ordering out or eating out, or just grabbing the most convenient thing from your pantry.

When you keep yourself healthy and well-fed, your body works to its full potential, which increases productivity and helps you perform better at your workplace.


3. Use your resources.

“Writer’s block,” or any mental obstacle, can be devastating when it comes to meeting an important deadline. To overcome these issues, use the resources at your disposal to move projects forward.

You could try:

  • Going online and reading through articles or pages related to your project. This might be just the inspiration you need to move forward.
  • Chatting with your co-workers about ideas. You could even set up a brainstorming session.


4. Focus on one task at a time.

It’s no secret that multitasking can hinder your productivity. So, take a step back and prioritize what needs to be done first. Directing your attention to a single item or task increases your chance of overall success.

Here’s a tip: Prioritize the most important item or task to be completed first. The biggest project usually causes the most stress and time consumption; once it’s completed, it sets the stage for an easier downhill work schedule.


We believe that by taking care of yourself first, marketing productivity should become a much easier task. There is much more behind increasing marketing productivity, but this is a great place to start. If you have any questions or comments, please share them below!

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