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Create Page-turning B2B SaaS Content Marketing Through Storytelling

create page-turning b2b saas content marketing through  storytelling

Have you ever spent a significant amount of time or effort creating a content piece to have no one read it? It can be frustrating, but it shouldn’t be a reason to stop trying to create page-turning content for your audience.

Wondering how you can save time and effort while creating content that does captivate? Start storytelling! Sharing stories shows your brand’s authenticity and will allow your audience to get to know your company and the people that work there—which will build trust in your brand.

Authenticity is key

This past September I had the opportunity to attend INBOUND in Boston, MA. The event featured world-renowned speakers from various fields related to marketing, sales and business. One of my focuses at Accelity is social media, so I tried to attend as many social media and content related sessions as possible.

A key theme that I noticed in those sessions was, treat your audience like people. This may seem obvious, but sometimes as salespeople or marketers, we can forget this. Especially with technology reshaping the way we do things and making business more digital. Regardless, people still like conducting business with other people (furthermore, people they know), show them your company is more than a digital entity.

One way to treat your audience like people is by being authentic. This was also repeated in numerous sessions at INBOUND. Being authentic with your audience will allow you to build up trust in your brand, giving potential customers a greater reason to start conducting business with your company.


Share your stories

A great way to create an authentic brand is through storytelling. Share the stories that make your company what it is. Chances are you have people working at your company, even if it is a small business or startup, let your audience get to know those employees.

Recently at Accelity Marketing, we started a new blog series that highlights an employee for the month—most of the questions are silly, like “what would you do in a zombie apocalypse?” but they allow the reader to get to know that employee and possibly connect with them.

One social media strategy I found interesting at INBOUND came from Madison Utendahl, Head of Content & Social at the Museum of Ice Cream. She spoke about how the company wanted to not only highlight the employees that currently work there currently but also the workers that helped renovate the space, paint and set up their place of business. They posted photos and shared short stories about the people that helped make the business what it is today.

Stories have this unique ability to bring people together and connecting them, regardless if they are told over a video, in a blog or through social media. Incorporating stories into your content marketing will entice readers to keep reading. Additionally, if your content contains authentic stories, your audience is more likely to trust your brand and ultimately conduct business with your B2B company.

If you’re looking for help creating content that tells a story, connect with our B2B SaaS marketing agency, Accelity Marketing.

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