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That's a (W)rap! Why our Milwaukee Marketing Agency Loves HubSpot.


A few months ago, #TeamAccelity was at happy hour, as we often do during summers in Wisconsin. Sitting on the patio at a local restaurant, we began discussing what we do for fun outside of the office. Running, reading, watching Keeping up with the Kardashians… all normal(ish) activities—though I won’t admit which team member enjoys the last activity.

Apparently Jenny, Accelity’s marketing manager, likes to write songs. Not just any songs—she writes songs about the software tools we use at Accelity. After considering whether or not she should tell the rest of the team, she said:


Our HubSpot rap video


“HubSpot Got Back”

Of course we had to hear it, so it was rapped on the spot and immediately decided that we must make a video. And make a video, we did.

Yeah! We love HubSpot

Not because we are music video experts (we’d never made one before); not because we’re all rapping geniuses (but you’ll see in the video that we actually are); but because we really, really love HubSpot.


Why our Milwaukee marketing agency loves HubSpot...

It’s no secret that HubSpot is the #1 marketing software platform. Here’s why:

  • HubSpot’s user experience is gorgeous and simple. I’ve seen the inside of a handful of other marketing automation solutions and none of them match up.
  • It’s a fit for companies of all sizes. HubSpot is easy to use and has an amazing program for startups that a number of our clients take advantage of.
  • HubSpot is their own best case study. The company executes inbound marketing flawlessly, bringing prospects and customers back to their website over and over again with brand-new actual content. It’s easy to trust a company that practices with they preach.
  • HubSpot has all the support resources you’ll ever need. Between their on-call support team and wealth of knowledge resources and videos, the company never leaves a user hanging with a difficult issue or question.

All of these are excellent reasons to like HubSpot, but they’re not why we love it...

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The people make the company.

HubSpot treats their partners and customers like true members of the team. HubSpot bends over backwards to keep their customers happy and it shows. Our contacts at HubSpot (some whom are featured in the video—hey Aidan and Bryan!) do everything they can help us overcome sales and marketing challenges in and out of the software. (Brian and Dharmesh, if you’re reading this, these guys deserve a raise.)

Learn just how much we love HubSpot—check out Accelity Marketing’s first-ever rap video: 

Do you love HubSpot as much as we do? Let us know in the comments below! If you want to learn more about HubSpot you can read about HubSpot Trials or click below to request a consultation with our Milwaukee marketing agency, Accelity.