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5 Essential Habits of Every Successful Entrepreneur


This blog was written by Jackie Steinmetz, owner of Accelity Marketing, for startupsavant.com—read the original blog here.

What separates a truly successful entrepreneur from the rest of the pack? There are many ways to be successful. However, most successful entrepreneurs have a few things in common that take them to the next level. Here are five undeniable habits that every successful entrepreneur adopts as their own:


1) They set goals for themselves.

Lewis Carroll said, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” I can’t stress this enough! It’s easy to plan for your customers or clients, but what’s your plan? Set short-term attainable goals and write them down.

Review them every week. Set long-term goals and review them every month or so. If you know what you want and you have a plan, then you’re much more likely to get there. 


2) They learn something new everyday.

Traditional education only takes an entrepreneur so far. Successful entrepreneurs take their education into their own hands; they realize that just because their formal education is finished doesn’t mean they have to stop learning. There are so many ways to learn, and one way doesn’t fit all entrepreneurs.

So pick up a book, read an article to understand the startup process, listen to a podcast, do whatever it takes for you to get to that next level. I use Twitter to keep up on marketing and entrepreneurship articles and it’s a surprisingly effective!


3) They’re persistent.

Entrepreneurs fail. Entrepreneurs get rejected again and again. It’s not fun at first, but rejection and failure are something that every entrepreneur has to get used to. Think back to that terrifying moment when you decided to go out on a limb and talk to your significant other, your business partner, your first client.

Is your heart beating a little faster? What was the outcome? If it wasn’t what you hoped, did you recover? The more you tackle these hard conversations, the easier it gets.


4) They surround themselves with people that make them better.

I’m sure you’ve heard this saying before: you are the sum of the people around you. Part of the reason some entrepreneurs are successful and others are not is because of the people that they surround themselves with.

Find as many people as you can with the same drive and complementary skills, then feed off of each other’s energy and passion. Seek out mentors for yourself and mentor aspiring entrepreneurs. What you learn from both may surprise you!


5) They seek new experiences.

Get out there and go on an adventure! Those that live their lives stuck in their comfort zones never grow. Make it your personal mission to try something new every week or even every day if you’re feeling ambitious. The more fun you have, the more energy you will bring to your work. I use this journal to document my new (and sometimes scary) experiences.

A habit starts with the decision to change. Once you make that decision, you’ll be well on your way to taking the next step in your entrepreneurial career.


Are there other habits that you consider essential for successful entrepreneurs? Let me know by commenting below!


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