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Productivity Hacks: Managing Tasks Effectively


Previously I've talked about the tools that I use to manage email effectively. Well, I skipped one, because it’s really my task management system with a Gmail plugin: Todoist.

I was always the kind of person that had my system that “just worked” including post-its, flagging emails, keeping lists, and more. It was really hard for me to give that up… there’s something about writing your lists on actual paper that just feels different. But Todoist is the easiest, most intuitive task management system I’ve found, and I’ve tried quite a few of them without much success (like ToodleDo, Google Tasks, and more).

Here’s why Todoist is so amazing:


Simple task management

You can add a task in literally 10 seconds, which is nice for the busy business owners, professionals, parents… really anyone. The tool also gives you the option to assign tasks to today, tomorrow, push to next week or pick a custom day.



If you read my previous blog, you saw all the colored labels in my inbox. These line up with the labels in Todoist, making it easy for me to recognize which client needs attention via email or has a task due this week.


Priority flags

Todoist allows you to flag each task with a priority level so you can see what you should start with each day at a glance. This isn’t a feature I really use unless there’s a task that really needs attention, but I know it’s really helpful for other Todoist fans.


Sharing and assigning tasks

This is an excellent, lightweight task sharing tool. I share some of my lists with clients so they can see when I am planning on getting tasks done, and my husband and I share task lists for our businesses and home items to do. (When I assign “Clean the bathroom” to him on a Saturday, I’m sure he regrets ever introducing me to this awesome tool.)


The Gmail plugin

The Gmail plugin, a Todoist feature, has really helped me manage my tasks even more effectively. Install the plugin and you can assign tasks directly from an email. For example, when a client emails me to request a blog, I can click the Todoist button and assign the task straight from my email. How cool is that?


If you have any questions, please leave a comment or shoot me a note through the Accelity Marketing contact page.


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