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Must-Know Video Marketing Tips to Increase Brand Identity


When increasing brand identity, video is a great way to boost SEO, share your other content (like ebooks and sell sheets) and develop a sense of trust with your audience. This keeps them coming back to you as a knowledgeable resource. There are a few simple things you can do without fancy editing programs or outsourcing to professionals to create additional content for your audience. The following video marketing tips will help boost your brand identity in an ever-changing media world:


1. Develop a style.

When starting to create video for your brand, it’s important to define your format early on. This helps with recognition when people see your content outside of it’s context (on Youtube or Vimeo), and keeps them up-to-date with what your business is doing. Having design standards for your video content also makes video production much quicker, saving you time and keeping your content consistent.


2. Show, don’t tell.

As with visual presentations, you want to show your product, rather than telling your audience what it is or does. Include visuals of your talking points as you explain them, incorporate ebook images to show off your offers and include bit.ly links or shortened links for your audience to be able to find more from you.


3. Less is more.

As with PowerPoints, it’s important to keep things simple. The standard attention span for videos is 45-90 seconds, so don’t produce long-winded and extensively detailed productions. It’s crucial to keep your video points brief and allude to your website where additional materials can be found.


4. Include your logo.

An important addition to developing a brand identity and video style is including your logo on every piece of promotion you create. By including your logo, your audience acknowledges that the video is a product straight from your company, rather than a shared piece. This is also crucial in identifying your pieces when shared on other social media platforms, like your Facebook page or Twitter feed.


5. Include a call to action.

This encompasses all the ideas above, but it is important to share your content in multiple ways. Although you’re sharing a brief video, your viewers may be looking for more information. Including a short link or additional verbal call to action to “visit our website for more information” can prompt viewers to engage further with your brand.


6. Think about the platform.

In this day and age, video platforms are more than just YouTube and Vimeo. Don’t forget to try creating content for platforms like Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. Creating short form pieces can not only inform your audience, but also makes your company much more relatable. Try posting Snapchats around the office, or Instagram videos from your team volunteering in the community– doing this not only boost your brand identity, but also allows people to get to know your brand on a personal level.


Video is an ever-changing way to share your content, develop a brand style and affirm your brand identity. By following these short tips for creating effective video, you’ll create personable and informative short form content that keeps viewers engaged in what you’re doing and increases interaction with your work.

What other video marketing tips do you use to increase your brand identity? Let me know in the comments below!

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