10 Website Updates You Need to Make for Better Inbound Marketing


Having a website is an important first step to creating a compelling online presence, and a basic brochure style site is an acceptable starting point. However, when you want your website to become an inbound marketing lead machine, you will need to implement the below website updates.


1. Give every page a purpose.

As you optimize your site for inbound leads, be very purposeful about what you include on your site. Each page should funnel your visitors to a desired outcome, whether that means clicking to another page, or opting in to your email list.

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2. Write to your ideal customer.

In order to effectively attract the right customer, you have to identify who that ideal customer is. Once you've done this, make sure you are writing specifically for that customer. When you write for a specific audience, you are much more likely to connect than if you are writing with the goal of appealing to everyone.


3. Use better images.

People are visual creatures. Nothing turns someone off faster than ugly graphics or cliche stock photography. Check out how our designer, Becca, recommends implementing six design best practices into your marketing.


4. Create compelling CTAs.

CTA’s or “calls-to-action”, are the way you ask your audience to take action. An effective CTA typically includes fewer than seven words, an image, and makes a clear request. In fact there is a great example of a CTA at the bottom of this post. Check it out!


5. Post regularly to your blog.

One of the best ways to get people to regularly come to your website is to consistently offer them additional value. A blog is an ideal vehicle to publish valuable content that is relevant to your audience. For tips on how to craft a great blog post, check out our guide.


6. Match lead magnet offers to the buyer's journey stage.

When using inbound marketing, you can move your prospective customers through the process of making a buying decision. This path is called the buyer’s journey. At different stages of the buyer’s journey, prospects need different types of information to help them move to the next stage.



As an example, if you are writing for someone in the awareness stage of the buyer's journey, make sure the lead magnet offers and the blog posts they are attached to speak to prospects in that stage.


7. Use landing pages.

Landing pages are specialized pages that have a very specific purpose. Usually that purpose is a conversion of some sort, such as having a website visitor fill out a form to capture them as a lead. To properly implement inbound marketing, you should use customized landing pages to collect information after people click your CTAs.


8. Add opt-in forms.

The whole point of inbound marketing is to have your prospects come to you—so make it easy for them. You should have opt-in forms in several areas of your website to make it easier for visitors to connect with you without having to search for information. Possible placements for these forms are footers, sidebars, banners or pop-ups. Test several and keep the best performing forms.


9. A/B testing

One of the best things about using inbound marketing online is that you can use data to tell you what's working and what isn't. A/B testing is a method for comparing two different website updates to see which is more effective. Change one variable of your page at a time, and keep the most effective changes. Then make another change and test again.


10. Implement marketing automation tools.

To really take your inbound marketing to the next level, you should consider implementing a marketing automation tool. Marketing automation software, like HubSpot, helps you streamline your process and track the changes suggested above, as well as follow up with your prospects systematically.

At Accelity Marketing, a HubSpot Certified Agency, every member of our team is Inbound Marketing Certified. We live in HubSpot every day, so if you are interested in learning how HubSpot could improve your marketing efforts, reach out to us. We’d love to help.