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How Accelity Creates Lead-Generating B2B Marketing Campaigns

If you’ve ever tried to get the word out about your business, you know that running a B2B marketing campaign is often easier said than done. Although we desperately want it to be, running a campaign is so much more nuanced than picking a topic, making a few pieces of content and sharing it with the world. 

Whether your campaign is designed for launching a new product or establishing thought leadership, Accelity has a proven process for making each of your campaigns impactful and effective. 

Pick one goal for your marketing campaign

You likely have many marketing goals for your B2B SaaS company, such as building brand awareness, encouraging more website visits or generating more demo requests. While an effective marketing campaign might achieve multiple positive outcomes, it’s important to only focus on one goal to ensure success. Having a laser focus on one goal is the launching point for each campaign we kick off: it puts your entire team and every piece of content you create on the same page. 

For this example, let’s focus on the goal of generating more MQLs. When planning the campaign, we’ll take a look at your current MQLs and your sales funnel to get a baseline metric. Then, we’ll create a SMART goal (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound) for raising the number of MQLs. 

Identify your audience

Although it’s tempting, casting a wide net for your target audience isn’t the best approach. You might generate more leads overall, but they won’t be high-quality leads that the sales team finds worth following. Marketing to everyone is marketing to no one. The trick is being able to choose who you ought to market to.

We’ll work together to narrow down who we want to target with this marketing campaign. We’ll start by taking a look at the buyer personas we built during your onboarding to see which personas make the most sense for this goal. Perhaps there’s new legislation that makes your product especially timely for one persona; or, maybe it’s busy season for one persona and it’s best to focus your efforts on them later in the year. At Accelity, we create content targeted for multiple personas with slight variations where needed, ensuring that the right people get the right message at the right time. The audiences we select will be intentional and targeted with your goal in mind. 

During the buyer persona exercise, we’ll have also identified where these personas are most likely to receive information, e.g. email, LinkedIn. This will factor into the content plan for the campaign. Does your audience tend to avoid LinkedIn? Facebook or Twitter posts would be more effective. We’ll use the audience to strategize the platforms and formats with maximum impact. 

Create the content

Once the goal is finalized and your target contacts have been audited, we get to create content for the campaign! During the campaign outline, we’ll decide on how many and what kind of pieces will help us achieve your goal. 

For a campaign designed to generate leads for two personas, we might recommend the following:

    • One customer case study. This designed PDF presents a client success story highlighting how your company helped solve a problem. Prospects can easily download the case study to print and/or share with other decision-makers. 
    • Two search-optimized blogs. Each blog will be written on a topic similar to what’s covered in the case study. Blog 1 might be about the pain points of the old solution (like what the customer in the case study previously used), while Blog 2 is about why solving this problem is relevant to your industry right now.   
    • Three emails per persona. Each email in the sequence will promote Blog 1, Blog 2 and the offer. This will let prospects know who you are without trying to sell them something—you’re simply offering useful information. 
    • Three social posts per platform. Each social post will also promote Blog 1, Blog 2 and the offer. Social posts help you reach prospects you otherwise wouldn’t if only working from an email list. 
    • Two LinkedIn ads. LinkedIn is a strong B2B sales tool. Working with your budget, we can do extra targeting with LinkedIn ads to ensure prospects see your case study. 
    • One traffic-driving article on an external site. In addition to building content on your channels, we’ll also aim to establish your thought leadership in the industry. We’ll help pitch and then write an article that directs back to your site.  

A marketing campaign’s strength lies in how well each of the pieces connects to the other. Although it likely won’t be obvious to the prospect, they’ll watch the story you share unfold across a variety of platforms. However, even if they only open one email, it will still be powerful enough to catch their attention and convert. 

Measure the campaign’s performance

The best way to find out if your campaign worked—besides having a suddenly overworked sales team member!—is to measure the metrics we outlined at the beginning of the campaign (remember the SMART goal?). 

But measurement isn’t just a one-time activity at the end of your campaign; we monitor campaign performance throughout its entirety and share the results with you regularly. By keeping an eye on the analytics in real time, we can quickly pivot when necessary and make the adjustments needed to ensure your marketing campaign content is resonating with your audience. 

Let Accelity build your next B2B marketing campaign

When you become an Accelity client, you receive a dedicated, five-person marketing team: a strategic advisor, a project manager, a copywriter, a designer and a HubSpot pro. Each team member is committed to helping you achieve your goal for this and all campaigns. 

From strategy to execution, we know the ins and outs of inbound campaigns and work diligently to use innovative solutions to achieve your goals. 


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