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How LeadIn Will Increase Sales Productivity

How Leadin Will Increase Sales Productivity

Several months ago, I was browsing WordPress plugins and I discovered LeadIn. LeadIn is a cross-platform plugin that works with your existing contact forms to capture information about your visitors and leads. I immediately recognized how LeadIn could help our clients increase sales productivity.


How LeadIn works...

LeadIn is a little piece of software that can be added to your site in less than five minutes as a plugin for WordPress or as a code snippet for any other platform like Joomla, Squarespace or Wix. LeadIn tracks each visitor’s activity; whenever a visitor fills out any existing form on your site, LeadIn will show you which pages they visited before subscribing. It continues to monitor their activity after subscribing.

There are two ways increase sales productivity using LeadIn:

  1. Drive new leads
  2. Convert more leads to customers

I’ll discuss both below.


LeadIn drives new leads.

One great thing about LeadIn is that it works with all your existing forms and doesn’t require you to change anything on your site, but it also has a way to drive more leads that is built into its own software.

LeadIn has optional lead capture forms, such as a pop-over (a pop-up form that comes to the foreground), slide-in (sliding form that comes out from a bottom corner of the page) or top-bar (a small form at the top of the page to collect customer information). All of these forms will increase conversions over a static form because they are more visible.

The pop-up form has much better customization options than most free pop-up plug-ins and can be configured to only pop up after a certain amount of time, after scrolling so far down a page or when your visitor is about to leave your site.


Leadin helps you convert more leads into customers.

The second way to increase sales productivity is to turn more of your leads into customers. The best way to turn leads into customers is to provide massive value and provide excellent service. LeadIn makes that easier for your sales team in two ways.


See what your visitors are looking at.

Not every lead has the same needs, and if you don’t modify your sales approach to meet the needs of your lead, you will lose the sale. LeadIn allows you to see which pages and posts your leads have seen, and to which they have returned. You can see what they looked at before they filled in the form, and what they viewed after. You can even see what source brought them to your page.

All of this information will help you understand what content is moving leads closer to becoming customers, and what content doesn’t. Once you know this information you can create similar quality content, stop creating content that isn’t helping your sales funnel and promote the content that helps close and delight leads and customers. By understanding the buyer’s journey on your site, LeadIn offers a great way to increase your content marketing ROI.


Know more about your leads without research.

A great way to tailor your sales message to your leads is to understand who they are and why they might need your product. Learning all of this information can take a lot of research if all you have is an email address. One of the coolest and most surprising features of LeadIn is the amount of information it pulls in about your contacts. Whenever you get a new contact, LeadIn will look all over the web for public information about your lead, including their LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts. It will also pull in any information about the company they work for, including location, industry and web address. This will allow you to have better sales calls with an informational advantage that you didn’t have before. 

LeadIn is a powerful, free tool for businesses that are not yet ready for a full-fledged marketing automation platform. Using it will increase sales productivity by driving new leads, and giving your sales team the information necessary to convert at a higher rate. I have implemented LeadIn on several client sites, and they are always impressed. If you have any experiences using LeadIn, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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