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The Path to Achievement: Top Habits of Successful People


This post was written by guest blogger, Charlie Antoine. See the original post here.


Successful people aren’t born with a silver spoon in their hand. It takes a lot of hard work and personal growth. You can transform your career by developing the following eight simple habits in which successful business people engage to increase productivity, spark creativity, establish credibility and grow intellectually.


Transform your career with these habits


1. Detailed LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is the social network for professionals. Employers are increasingly putting importance on the details found in your LinkedIn profile. Once seen as a complement to your resume, LinkedIn has grown to include so much detail that I think resumes will eventually become a thing of the past. With abundant tools at your fingertips, you can share your work history, project experience, publications/blogs and showcase any honors, awards and certifications. You have control over everything in your profile, making for a great opportunity to sell yourself.


2. Carrying business cards at all times

Networking is extremely important. Whether you’re at a trade show or a coffee shop, you just never know who you’ll meet. Some of your most important business dealings could come in a place you least expect, so it’s vital that you keep business cards, electronic or card stock, on you at all times so you can continue communication with anyone in the future. Sometimes a flashy business card helps you stand out, especially at events where cards are frequently exchanged.


3. Blogging

If you have a thought worth sharing, then share it! Writing is a great way to spark your creativity and wake up your brain. Blog about something you have a passion for. Share your blogs on LinkedIn or your website to interact with your peers. Blogging also builds credibility as a specialist/expert in your field.


4. Organizing your email inbox

They say a cluttered desk equals a cluttered mind. The same is true of your email inbox. This seems like a no-brainer, but I’ve worked with far too many people that can’t keep their email inbox organized. It baffles me that people can’t find an email even with the search function. Creating folders, flagging for follow-up and color coordinating tags can really help you find things easier and prioritize tasks. The organization skills of something simple like your email inbox will then translate into other aspects of your life.


5. Taking notes

Whether you’re listening to a speaker or talking to your work colleagues, listen intently and write down notes so you can revisit them later. Important details can fall through the cracks. Even simple bullet points can help jog your memory and allow you to visualize the conversation.



6. Get plenty of sleep

Think that successful people are up all night working? Think again. Sleep improves your memory, helps you retain new information and stimulates creativity. Not only will you have more energy, this improvement in cognitive function will help you focus, be more attentive and increase your overall productivity so you can get even more work done.


7. Exercise or engage in hobbies

The best way to alleviate stress is by biking, running, swimming, walking or lifting weights. Exercise fills your brain up with endorphins, the feel-good chemical with effects similar to morphine, to counteract any stress you may be dealing with and improve your memory.

Taking time to engage in what you love to do is also a great way to eliminate any stress and temporarily remove distractions from work or school.  Clearing your mind from stressors will help you think clearly and can even bring forth great ideas without actively thinking about them.


8. Reading

The last and most important habit on this list is reading. Successful people are constantly trying to learn new things. Whether it’s a business book or professional blog, reading allows you to learn from the experiences of others so you emulate what works and avoid what doesn’t.


Breaking old habits and developing new ones can be a challenge. I would advise focusing on one at a time and gradually tweak your habits day by day. Stay conscious of the decisions you make so you don’t break the chain and slip back into your old ways. Before you know it, you’ll be on the road to newfound success! What positive habits are you trying to pick up? Let us know in the comments below!


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